The impact of Lockdown on our local community has been profound, and as a school, we have learnt much along the way. Although we have been using Google Suite for many years, the moment we launched our ‘School without Buildings’ programme, the challenges of distance learning gave rise to a remarkable surge in creative energy from both teachers and students alike. As we expanded our working knowledge of many new digital tools and resources, teachers and students began to hone and develop skills as presenters, videographers, quizmasters, fundraisers, graphic designers, project managers, activists, scriptwriters, actors and filmmakers; and in doing so, we were able to finely tune our approach to ‘blended learning’. The result has been an enriched student experience and the ability to keep the Claremont community close together whilst apart.

Outside the school gates, the impact of COVID-19 and the proliferation of video conferencing and remote working, has almost certainly led to a reappraisal of business travel and the need to be physically in an office to chair a meeting or work collaboratively. Having recently toured the highest number of prospective parents looking to move out of London in our School’s history, there is a commonly held view that as we accelerate through the fourth Industrial Revolution, living further afield but within striking distance of the Capital, is increasingly attractive and the key to a better work-life balance.