A Claremont Education

At Claremont, dynamic curriculum design, tailored study plans, outstanding pastoral care and inspirational teaching come together in two distinctive learning environments where every pupil can find their niche and be themselves.  In March 2019, Claremont was judged to be ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in all categories for a third successive time, which serves as further evidence of our ongoing commitment to driving standards in teaching at learning, our focus on pupil outcomes and why Claremont is a school where all are welcome and all can thrive.

Whether in the classroom, on the stage, out in the community or on the sports field, at Claremont we give pupils, the best opportunities to shine by placing them at the centre of their own learning. Our broad, dynamic and flexible curriculum plays a key part in enabling teachers to formulate bespoke study paths that can play to pupils’ individual strengths and varying motivations to learn. Guided by a value system that promotes a positive attitude and desire to always get better, Claremont is a happy, hard working centre of learning where every pupil ‘fits’ and can really be themselves.

From the Nursery all the way up to Sixth Form, we nurture a culture of mutual respect where every idea has value and possibilities and where pupils learn first hand, that hard work and perseverance leads to better outcomes. The needs, aims and aspirations of Senior School students approaching their GCSE years and the world of work are however, very different from those of the children in our Nursery and Prep School. In this respect, we believe that what differentiates our Schools is just as important as the shared values, aims and beliefs that bind us together.

Sound Foundations

Children join the Pre-Prep and Prep School already curious, creative, hungry for knowledge, keen to make friends and eager to experiment. We cultivate these natural characteristics from the outset whilst helping children to develop the skills and knowledge they will need to quickly progress and contribute to all areas of school life. Our aim is for children to leave for senior school, not only with a sound academic foundation and confidence in how to prepare for formal examinations, but a well-developed moral framework and love of learning in all its guises.

With greater freedom to test out ideas and hone skills in specific areas of the curriculum, the atmosphere at our Senior School is one of creative activism, determination, experimentation and resourcefulness, all combined with a work hard, play hard ethic. With the support and guidance of a nurturing House and Tutor system, our rich and varied co-curricular programme provides challenge and choice in equal measure, but with the needs of the individual always at its heart. The result is a tailor-made, all-round education, that empowers students to take ownership of their futures, regardless of whether they go on to University, an apprenticeship placement, start a business, enter the workplace or embark on a gap year abroad.

Whatever exciting challenges await our students when they leave Claremont, we are confident that in continuing to work and play in environments where they can ‘be themselves’, students will have all the tools they need to make a positive contribution to society and find fulfilment in their chosen careers.  For that reason, we believe Claremont should be on the shortlist of every parent looking for a school that will give their child choices, chances and the skills to adapt to the changing demands of being a teenager in the 21st Century.

Growing up together – the ‘all through’ school experience

One of the main advantages of a Claremont education, is our ability to offer an ‘all-through’ school experience. Not only does this mean continuity in learning and the convenience of parents being able to have older and younger siblings at the same place, but as children move up through the school, they (and their parents) do so in established friendship groups.

We know our pupils extremely well. During the Prep School years, teachers take the time to discover what makes each child tick, so that they remain forever curious and increasingly able to direct their own learning. Having tracked their progress throughout their school life, when pupils move on to Senior school, teachers can quickly identify even the most subtle changes in a pupil’s development. By sharing information and working closely with parents and our pastoral teams, we are able to offer purposeful and timely support so that pupils remain happy, motivated and keen to always get better.

Because we share resources and facilities across both of our school sites, when Prep School students join the Senior School in Year 9, they are already familiar with the building layout so can navigate their way around easily. This makes for a seamless transition from the outset and we believe, one of the reasons why our Year 9 students are able to quickly adjust to their new routines, and make swift progress in and outside the classroom. Senior school students are also encouraged to act as role models to the younger years, as many of them remember the process themselves and are keen to share the benefits of their experience.

Many of our Prep School teachers have trained and worked in secondary education, so they are extremely knowledgeable about the challenges that lie ahead. They are able to work with teachers in older year groups to to develop bespoke learning and support plans well in advance of GCSE’s so that when pupils sit their exams, they are calm, clear-headed and ready to turn over the paper.

Outstanding outdoor learning

A walk in the woods is an unforgettable experience at Claremont and prospective parents cannot help but to be seduced by its magic and beauty. Our Outdoor Learning programme and Forest School provision is exceptional, and provides endless opportunities for fantastic cross-curricular, ‘hands on’ learning. You just have to SEE it to believe it, which is why we advise all of our Prep School visitors to bring a pair of wellies with them!

Forward-thinking curriculum design

Both our Prep and Senior School curriculum are designed to engage, challenge and inspire creativity and at the same time equip pupils with enough knowledge and skills to help them thrive in a  busy world, continuously moving forward. The latter is achieved by our constantly evolving, co-curricular programmes which are tailored to individual student’s needs and designed to empower pupils to think creatively, make good decisions, work collaboratively, problem solve and to not be afraid to try something new.

Secure financial future

We are committed to creating learning environments that capture imaginations, promote creativity and inspire us all to do better. Being a proud member of the International Schools Partnership has brought with it long-term financial security. This means that we have been able to continue to invest in our Teaching and Learning as part of an exciting multi-phase development programme across both our Bodiam and St Leonard’s sites. At the Senior School, work has been completed on a £3.5m Octagon Project which has seen the creation of several new classrooms, a state of the art Science laboratory and Art Room, a new Dance Studio and Music Department. With the Centenary of the Prep School in 2024, a forward thinking and expansive programme of development is also being put in place for the site at St Leonards.

Claremont School
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Claremont Boarding House Upper Lake,
Battle, East Sussex, TN33 0AN
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Claremont School
French Study Centre

La Maison Claremont,
14 rue de l'arbalete,
62500, St Omer

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