To celebrate British Science Week 2019, pupils researched, built and presented their own science experiments at an interactive Science Fair full of surprises.  In a diverse and sometimes explosive range of demonstrations, the children were able to dispel myths, create chemical reactions and answer some very curious questions from every corner of the science world.  From volcanic eruptions to hair raising electricity, and from explaining how people dream, to learning how to communicate with rabbits, there were numerous opportunities to roll up sleeves and ‘experience science’ first hand. Parents and pupils from Nursery to Year 8 were left wide-eyed and full of wonder as they dabbled in magnetic forces, changed water into gas, used dough to light a bulb and watched water ‘walk’. The final frontier was represented with explanations of UFO sightings and suggestions for what Space will look like in a million years time.

Head of Science Celia Ackerley said ‘When children have the freedom to decide what and how they want to connect with science, amazing things can happen.  That is what Science Week at Claremont is all about’