With the first week of the new academic year under our belts, we are delighted at how resilient and adaptable our students have been and how smoothly they have settled back into school life. From the Nursery and Prep School all the way up to Sixth Form, the students are clearly happy to be back on site, are going about their daily routines with renewed energy and purpose, catching up with their friends and keen to learn.

To start the academic year off, the Boys’ boarding house has undergone a makeover and welcomed returning boarders to shiny new bedrooms, refreshed communal areas and upgraded facilities. The boys couldn’t be happier with some reporting they feel as though they are living in a hotel (The Premier Inn has been referenced on more than one occasion – a great night’s sleep guaranteed then boys!!).

At the Prep School, excitement is growing amongst our youngest pupils as the new Nursery and Pre-Prep building is now really starting to take shape. The second floor has now been constructed and made watertight, with the staff and many excited little children hoping to cross the threshold with their book bags in early 2021.  It’s lovely to hear the school corridors filled with such happy, enthusiastic (and very chatty) young people once more – the spirit of Claremont is certainly back in force!

School life and the ‘new normal’ has brought about a number of changes, but with our full curriculum now running, teachers and students alike are feeling enthusiastic about the year ahead, and as a result, we look forward to bringing you more fantastic news stories and insights into life at Claremont over the coming weeks.