Virtual Open Morning Webinar Series

Be Yourself at Claremont

Find out about our Promises to Parents
Learn about what it means to 'Be Yourself at Claremont'
Meet key members of our teaching team
View our facilities and take a virtual tour

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21st October 6-7pm

Find out about our Promises to Parents
Learn about what it means to 'Be Yourself at Claremont'
Meet key members of our teaching team
View our facilities and take a virtual tour

Virtual Open Morning Webinar

Our speakers have tried to focus on the questions they get asked most regularly by prospective parents and students when they come to visit.  Claremont School has a remarkable history and has been on an extraordinary journey over recent years, culminating in a new and exciting partnership with ISP and a third consecutive  ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted in March 2019.  Our School has much to be proud of and plenty to look forward to.  We hope this webinar session will help answer your questions and bring the school to life in our new virtual world.  Here are some of our key speakers…

Ed Dickie

Since its foundation in 2011, Claremont Senior School has gone from strength to strength. In this webinar, Senior School Headteacher and A Level Politics teacher, Ed Dickie will talk about how leading a relatively new school has meant that Claremont has been able to clearly define the values that guide us – attitude, aspiration and positive activism. Ed will explain what it really means to ‘Be Yourself at Claremont’ and his and team’s role in helping to prepare young people for a world that never stands still.

Victoria Liggett

Victoria is the Head of Claremont Sixth Form with the main responsibility for curriculum design and the ongoing development of the many learning opportunities and study paths available to students. In this webinar, Victoria will be focusing on what ‘Opportunity’ looks like for Sixth Form students at Claremont and how she and her team prepare our young people for the diverse array of challenges and opportunities that await them in life, as well as in further education.

Mimi McNally

Mimi is Head of Psychology, Teaches of A level Politics and is the Extended Project Qualification supervisor.  Mimi works exclusively with Sixth Form students in conjuction with the Head of Futures and in this webinar, will be talking passionately about the importance of educating students for life and not just for A Levels. 

Sam Cotsford

Sam is relatively new to Claremont Sixth Form, and joins with a wealth of experience and fresh ideas as our Head of Futures and teacher of Business Studies.  Sam will be talking about how it has never been more important for schools to prepare students for the workplace, and how this can be done through effective skills training and modern careers advice.


After the Webinar

If you would like to join us for this live webinar, please let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to know about our Sixth Form by submitting a question in advance when filling in the Registration Form, otherwise, there will be another opportunity to submit your questions during the webinar broadcas.

After our Virtual Open Morning Webinar, we will be in touch again with a unique link to a digital content hub we have set up specifically for webinar attendees.  This will give you an opportunity to hear from other key members of our teaching and leadership team, links to further reading and contact details should you wish to book a virtual meeting with a member of our Teaching or Admissions Team.

See Yourself at Claremont

At Claremont we nurture a culture of mutual respect where every idea has value and possibilities and where students learn first hand, that hard work and perseverance lead to better outcomes. We offer a safe, happy and quintessentially British boarding experience in a multicultural environment where everyone is welcome, listened to and respected.  A wide range of co-curricular and weekend activity programmes ensure that all international students have access to a rich and diverse range and fulfilling learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Exciting Creative and Performing Arts Programme
Imaginative Co Curricular Programmes
125 Acres of Extensive Grounds and beautiful Woodland
Two thirds of A level results graded between A* and B.
Focus on Pupil Health and Wellbeing
Close to London and excellent transport links

We also offer Sixth Form scholarships to students who demonstrate outstanding talent in one or more of the following areas:

Creative and Performing Arts
Academic subject areas

Boarding Houses

Our two boarding houses are located off-campus, as we believe it is vital for the students to have a break from school at the end of each day and at the weekend. Clyde and Pyke House are 15 minutes drive to Senior school by shuttle bus.  Clyde House is just a 5-minute drive to the seaside, whilst Pyke House is just a 5-minute walk away from the mainline station into London.

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