Keeping with the National Poetry Day theme of Truth this year; Prep school writers put pen to paper in search of the truth about our ailing environment. Inspired by Simon Armitage’s poem, Ark, (thank you Ms Crossley) the children created some inspirational verse focusing on these very topical subject matter. Here are some of the poems they wrote today about the effect of global warming on our environment and what we need to do to preserve our planet.  The pen today, was most certainly mightier than the sword!

The sky was clear, a dazzling blue
But now is choked by CO2
The sea was calm and quite untouched
Now filled with plastic and disgust
Trees, they towered high above
Their leaves all well, alight with love
Birds they chirped happily and unseen
Now paper joins pollution’s team
Plastic, rubbish, carbon emission
This cloaks our land and sky, imprisoned
The climate, it is rapidly rising
Whilst monkeys and animals are swiftly dying
The fish they die their bellies happy
But really it’s just our plastic they carry
For they think the pollution is to be eaten as well
And really they are just killing themselves
The earth can’t sustain this, the day is coming
When the earth plays a card and the card is cunning…

Carbon sours ocean
Fires choke the lungs, hurts life 
The earth will leave us

Hear desperate lungs cry
Teach the ways of the wind
The sounds of the sea
The outcry of the ocean