This week, the Prep school came alive with excitement as our annual celebration of Languages took on a much more International feel this year. Walking through the corridors and into classrooms, you could hear a whole host of different languages being spoken as children up and down the school took part in activities galore, sampled scrumptious world cuisine, tackled quizzes
and challenges and even the Rugby World cup made an appearance with England taking on the USA.

Throughout the week the focus was on celebrating our rich cultural diversity here at Claremont and the Independent Schools Partnership family. There was an international buzz from the word go starting in the first school assembly of the week when we learnt all about the power of language and how to sing a hymn in French. We were reminded of what a brilliantly multicultural community we are when some of our own pupils taught us some new language lessons to include Turkish, Japanese and Russian.  French Café-style delicacies certainly drew the crowds at break-time whilst Chef Ian and his catering team spoilt us all week with with a delicious European menu – we felt like we were on holiday near our own Michelin star restaurant.

In the classroom, special activities were in abundance. In Spanish classes, we took part in a treasure hunt themed European passport activity with Madame Hood always on hand to deliver some informative insights into everything European.  Children in the Pre-Prep once again flew the “Language flag” as they took a learning trip around the world,  Monsieur Drinkwater “oozed” French charm in his attire and it was hard to resist the mouth-watering French croissants made by our Year 1 bakers. Across the school the children really got into the spirit of the week by donning European accessories and bringing in souvenirs and keepsakes from their holidays abroad.

“Guess the teacher” had some of the children foxed as Form groups had to decide which teacher spoke a specific language, had lived or worked in another country or had had some rather
unusual experiences whilst overseas. Full of eye openers and plenty of intrigue, the children embraced the challenge,  but will have to wait a weekend before I announce the winning Form and reveal the identities of some very talented and interesting members of staff.

The week was rounded off with the production of  ‘Le Bistro de Dan Roro’, by the very talented, one man ‘Compagnie Tête-à-Tête’. The children were entertained for 75 minutes by the humorous yet educational production which centred around Dan Roro, an eccentric café owner who invited everyone to join him while he prepared his bistro for opening.  Memorable moments included laying tables and counting spinning plates (in French of course!), learning about English words that derive from French, preparing the meals (the menu consisted exclusively of omelettes) and a delightful puppet called René who sang some lovely French songs for us all.  The production was highly interactive with many opportunities for the audience to take part and practise their French words and phrases in a joyful production that had us all thoroughly entertained. It was very touching to see pupils and staff lead by Mr Bunker, help Monsieur Dan Roro to load his van (not to mention the great opportunity to take a closer look at Monsieur Roro’s amazing unicycle!) before we all waived ‘Au revoir!’ and ‘Bon Voyage’ to our special guest.

We are a strong language embracing school which is what we love about being part of the Claremont family.  We are so proud of our pupils for being such good sports and for sharing their experiences, languages and cultures. Thank you to everyone for making this another memorable annual celebration, to Ian and his team of chefs in the Claremont kitchen for their culinary delights, to FOCS for funding our visit from ‘Compagnie Tête-à-Tête’ and to all the teaching staff for all of their brilliantly international lesson plans.

Madame / Señora Osborne and Madame Hood